Request to Bid – Brazeau Fire Department SBCA’s

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SBCA)

Town of Brazeau Fire Department
John Fetterly, Fire Chief

Brazeau Fire Department is requesting sealed bid specification for the following Personal Protective Equipment that meets most current NFPA and Niosh standards including electronic and non electronic communications.
Twenty one (21) complete self contained breathing apparatus which consists of a back frame, face piece with carrying bag for each mask, and two (2) air bottles per unit. Each face piece mask with at least four (4) point adjustable cloth head harness. (Must fit test all members of the Brazeau Fire Department)
Air bottles must be 4500psi at 45 minute composite with quick connect cylinder adaptors.
This bid must include nine (9) additional face piece masks as mentioned above that fit members of the Brazeau Fire Department.
Bids must also include two (2) hard cases and a fitting to fit our cascade unit.
Bids are to include an itemized price list.

Sealed bid specs need to be sent to:
Brazeau Fire Department
10892 Parkway Road
Pound, WI 54161