Mailbox Replacement Policy

Updated Mailbox Policy

This policy addresses the Town of Brazeau Road/Highway Department, Oconto County, regarding mailboxes and roadside receptacles damaged as a result of Town of Brazeau Road/Highway Department Operations.

Mailboxes and roadside receptacles are defined as any container used for the delivery of mail, newspapers, and other printed materials, along Town of Brazeau road right-of-way.

The mailbox or roadside receptacle base shall be placed two feet from the edge of the blacktop, the box shall be 46 inches above the grade of the shoulder. The U.S. Postal service states that boxes must be placed to conform to state laws and highway regulations. The mailbox or roadside receptacle base should be able to withstand flying snow and slush from traffic and snowplows.

If a mailbox or roadside receptacle is physically hit and damaged by a snowplow or other piece of Town of Brazeau equipment, it will be replaced with a standard or oversized mailbox based on the size of the damaged box.

If any mailbox does not meet the required setbacks mandated by this policy the Town of Brazeau will not replace the mailbox.

Policy adopted by the Town of Brazeau board on January 24, 2022.