Recycle Center

Town of Brazeau Recycling/Solid Waste Center

10892 Parkway Road
Pound, WI 54161

(920) 897-3855

Garbage Tag Fee

Recycle Center Attendants: Nancy Kuchenbecker, Roger Thomson & Fran Giese

Collection Days and Hours

Wednesday: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Starting June 1st – September 1st:
Sunday: 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

board approval 11-15-2011

Appliances, Housewares, Electronics, TVs, etc.

Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier$10.00
Box Springs$7.00
Carpet, Rugs (per 100 lbs.)$6.00
Carpet, Rugs (small)$1.00
Chair, Stool$2.00
Computer Hard DrivesNo Charge
Couch, Sofa, Sofa-sleeper$20.00
Dry Wall (per 100 lbs.)$6.00
Laptop Computer$4.00
Mattress (all sizes)$10.00
MicrowavesNo Charge
Patio Door$20.00
PC Monitor$15.00
Plastic Siding (per 100 lbs.)$6.00
Printer, Fax Machine, Copier$5.00
Propane CylinderNo Charge
Radio, DVD Player, VCR, Stereo$5.00
Recliner or Stuffed Chair$10.00
Refrigerator or other freon appliance$10.00
Roof Shingles (per 100 lbs.)$6.00
Telephone, Camera, TypewriterNo Charge
Television – 29″ or smaller$30.00
Television – 30″ or larger$40.00
Wood, Lumber (per 100 lbs.)$6.00
Water Coolers$10.00

Fluorescent Bulbs & Batteries

Tubular Bulb (each)$0.75
Compact (CFLs) (each)$0.75
Shatterproof Lamp (each)$1.50
High Intensity (each)$1.50
Specialty Bulb (each)$1.50
UV/Ultraviolet (each)$1.50
Ballast (each)$5.00
Household Batteries (per lb.)$0.50
Car, Truck, RV Batteries (each)$3.00
ATV, Snowmobile, Cycle Batteries (each)$1.00

Large Loads

4×8 Pickup$32.00
4×6 Trailer$24.00
6×10 Trailer$60.00
OtherAttendant’s Decision


19″ to 22″ w/ rim$13.00
19″ to 22″ w/out rim$10.00
17″ to 18″ w/ rim$6.50
17″ to 18″ w/out rim$4.00
13″ to 16″ w/ rim$4.50
13″ to 16″ w/out rim$3.50
Tire under 13″ w/ rim$2.50
Tire under 13″ w/out rim$1.50
NO Earth Moving or Tractor Tires Accepted